KANOMAX – Digital Anemomaster 6115

Best-selling printer built-in model of the anemometer that corresponds to the wind speed 50 m / s can also be selected

Wind speed, wind temperature and pressure can be measured with a single. Ideal for periodic inspection and measurement of the duct in the wind speed of the air conditioner. In addition, it is safe even in the event of corruption because there is compatibility of the probe.


  • Big body design
  • Compatible probe
  • Simple kindness design
  • Easy measurenents of wind speed, wind temperature and pressure
  • Connection to a PC
  • Single 2 form battery six drive
  • Standard comes with extension rod
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General Specifications
Measurement range
Wind speed 0.1 – 50.0 m/s
Wind temperature 0 – 100℃
Pressure  -5.00 – 5.00 kPa
Power supply 6 x Single 2 Shape battery
AC adapter (optional)
External dimensions 210 (W) × 133 (H) × 120 (D) mm
Weight 1kg