Ideally suited for heat transfer analysis within industrial furnaces and ovens, for baking and drying process applications, the RC01 is cable of measuring high intensity radiative and convective heat fluxes, as well as temperature. RC01 measurement results are often used to characterize optimal oven/furnace settings “fingerprint”, making it possible to compare or reproduce oven/furnace environmental conditions.

The RC01 consists of two heat flux detectors: a gold plated low emissivity detector (sensitive to convective transfer effects only), and a second black coated detector (sensitive to both radiative and convective transfer effects). A type ‘K’ thermocouple is embedded within the sensor below the detector surfaces. Additional heat-sink options are available for the RC01 (nickel heat-sink is typical, RC01-M option). The RC01-M optioned model is supplied standard with an external temperature sensor for ambient air temperature measurement. By measuring the heat fluxes, sensor temperature, and surrounding ambient air temperature, local heat transfer coefficients can be determined.


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RC01 Specifications
Heat flux measurement: 1 black-body detector
1 gold (reflective) detector
Temperature measurement: type K thermocouple
Sensitivity: 3µV/W/m2
Expected accuracy: within ± 10 %
Temperature sensor: type K thermocouple
Response time: 0.5 s (1/e)
Temperature range: 0 – 250° C
Heat flux range: heat-sink temp dependent
(10 kW/m2 typical)
CE certification: RC01 is CE certified