What is Calibration ?

Calibration of the instrument known as the configuration process instrument to provide results for the samples within the acceptable range. The calibration process be done by comparing the standards of the relevant national and international standards or certified practice. The quality management system requires an effective measuring systems, such as formal, regular calibration and documentation, especially for all the measuring equipment and also in accordance with ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 requirements of efficient calibration program.

Calibration is also important to maintain the measurement accuracy of a measuring instrument. All testing and measuring equipment must be regularly calibrated, maximum once every 1 year, depending on how often the equipment / instruments used.

Our calibration services ?

Because of the importance of calibration, PT. Tridinamika Jaya Instrument offer you calibration services for various equipment:

Electric Field
Temperature Field
Pressure Field
Force Field
Optical Field
Chemistry Field