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You have a problem of electrical measurements but confused who to contact. Resources in place you less, or a measuring tool that you have is not in accordance with the required standards?

If you do not want to mess around with a variety of complex measurement problems, then Tridinamika is what you are looking for.

Tridinamika Measuring Services is a first-class inspection service of Tridinamika that you can use to analyze various problems of electricity and energy. With the support of an experienced engineer excellence, Tridinamika Measuring Services will provide solutions to a variety of electrical problems that you are facing.

Through Measuring Services Tridinamika you do not need to bother with the complexity of the measurement data processing. Forget obligations burdensome calibration of measuring instruments. Do not let maintenance problems hamper creativity and productivity in the workplace. Submit the problem to the experts, Tridinamika Measuring Services.

Tridinamika Measuring Services has a variety of measurement services that you can use according to needs



energy investigation hse




Do you know if 90% of new electricity users aware of the poor quality of electricity after damage has occurred. If Tridinamika able to analyze early, why do you have to wait until it breaks. Beware of the dangers of poor power quality. Occurrence of fire until the ballooning cost of care is the effect caused by poor power quality. The risk of poor power quality is not just happening in industrial areas but also commercial buildings like Mall, Apartment, Hotel etc. For that reason, do check regularly the power quality before it all becomes uncontrollable.

Power Investigation is measurement services aimed at investigating problems of electrical power quality and reliability.

Technical benefits you will get is :

  • Reduced risk of fire due to an electrical short circuit
  • The addition of the lifetime and reliability of equipment .
  • Reduce the risk of downtime preterm ( premature damage ) on the various electrical components .
  • Assist you in making the prevention of the spread of pollution electricity network .
  • You can as quickly as possible to determine the most appropriate solution to address the problems powerline quality
  • Help you conduct load management


audit pq thermal




Is the initial inspection to see abnormal symptoms on a variety of electric components using an infrared camera.

Why thermal check?

One of the effects caused by poor power quality is the emergence of excessive heat. When heat met with oskigen and fuel, there arises the events known as the “fire”. Fact the field stated that most of the causes of fires occur because of poor electrical connection. How much money losses to be borne only because of the hot spots that trigger severe fires. This risk can we reduce if preventive maintenance is done properly and correctly.

Thermal check itself is considered as a method most effective and efficient in the initial investigation of power quality. Considered so because of thermal check did not take long and does not interfere with routine work process tools.


Is investigating the possible emergence of a wide range of electrical power problems by using a power quality analyzer.

Through PQ check, more than 30 types of electrical problems can be detected include 6 issues classified as modern electrical problems.

Besides for trouble shooting, PQ Check can also be used for powerline capacity analysis, energy conservation, equipment diagnosis and investigation of harmonics.

Why PQ Check important for you to do?

The proliferation of modern loads such as inverters and energy-saving lamps has changed the map of the problematics of electricity. We no longer bothered fines KVAR like 10 years ago. However, if you realize the danger you will face much more terrifying than the fines from PLN. According to one expert of Indonesia’s leading electricity, 11 thousand more transformers in Jakarta at risk of overheating due to poor power quality. The problem, you may not analyze power quality simply by relying on conventional equipment. With the direct support from Tridinamika, electric doctors have been equipped with a variety of modern equipment that ensures the accuracy of the data.


PQ AUDIT is a thorough investigation services through a variety of electrical measurement and testing power quality parameters.

Power Quality Audit is the combination from thermal inspection, and additional power quality measurement. If you know general check up in the medical field then PQ Audit is a general check-up to investigate the quality of electricity in your place.

Should PQ Audit do?

Note carefully the electrical conditions in your area, if you have ever experienced the following symptoms

  • Computing devices are often hangs though no virus
  • Electronic devices tend to be broken
  • Operators often electric shock when holding the machine body
  • PLC and production machines frequently reset
  • The quality of production declines at certain times
  • Electricity consumption often trip though still below the threshold
  • Capacitor bank heat and melt
  • Electricity bills swell unnaturally.
  • Often smelled of burning plastic in the area of the electrical panel
  • Lift and eksalator operates abnormally.
  • The lights often drop unnatural

If you’ve had even more than once, immediately contact your doctor electricity to do PQ AUDIT.

So anyone who is at risk of poor power quality problems, note the area around you, including the neighbors, if there are a lot of equipment:

  • Modulation signals such as inverter and Variable Speed Drive
  • Switching Mode Power Supply like PC, Printer, Projector, etc.
  • The lights are energy efficient
  • The lights are dimming of the light can be controlled using dimmers
  • Electric motors large power
  • Kompressor engine
  • Electric welding machines

If so, then you belong to the neighborhood areas that are vulnerable to power quality problems. Immediately doing Power Quality Audits and get the maintenance cost savings until hundreds of millions of rupiah.


Good environment will give a good impact for the residents. Whether it’s the work environment or a place to stay. One factor to consider is the health factor. In a sense, whether the environment is completely safe for our health. Especially if we often spend time daily with continuous activity in the area.

Unhealthy environment may affect things like, comfort, endurance until the vitality of the work. Gathering of free radicals, toxic gases harmful until emission of electromagnetic waves is an example of a poison that affects the quality of the environment. Besides the pattern of life, the emergence of cancer is one of the environmental impact caused by unhealthy.

For that reason, several agencies competent in the field of environmental health have created a rule that contains the threshold from the presence of toxins environmental health.
Safety Environment is a measurement services related to environtmental safety by implementing various international rules as a threshold.

Safety Service Environtment from Tridinamika include:

2. INDOOR AIR QUALITYThe benefits that you can get from Environtment Safety services are:

  • Reduced risk of cancer hazard to workers diarea-risk areas
  • You have a strong basis for determining the regulatory Human Safety & Environtment in your work environment
  • Creation of comfort environment
  • Good work productivity can be maintained in the long term.
  • One of the steps in order to obtain ISO 14001 certification that you have met.


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