1053 Inductance Decade Box


  • 1 mH to 10 H
  • In-line readout
  • 3 % accuracy
  • High stability
  • Safety terminals
  • Fully screened
  • Robust and portable

1053 Applications

  • General purpose inductance substitution
  • Calibration of inductance in measuring devices
  • Finding optimal operating values in circuits
  • Design and development of wave filters and equalizers
  • Educational use in electronics and physics


A precision decade inductance box suitable for filter design, general purpose substitution, DC to DC converter design and calibration of measuring instruments.

The 1053 is housed in a fully screened robust metal case making it durable and compact. It is a practical instrument that is simple operation, suitable for use in electronics, production, R&D, or as a calibration tool in the lab or field.

Inductance is set by four easy-to-read dials that are divided into 4 decades. These provide 1 mH, 10 mH, 100 mH, and 1 H steps. The maximum setting is 11.11 H.

The unit features custom wound, high permeability ferrite core inductors that ensure insignificant influence from external magnetic fields and maximum stability.


1053 In-line Readout

In-line Readout

Inductance is selected by dialling the value required using the rotary switches. This enables precise setting with a clear unambiguous indication.

Each decade is scaled from 0 to 11. This allows a convenient overlap of the set values.


1053 safety terminals

Safety Terminals

The 1053 connections are via safety terminals that are compatible with standard plugs, 4 mm shrouded plugs, bare wires, and spade terminals.

These terminals are specifically designed with safety features including limited opening distance and a raised flange around the metal connection surface. This ensures that the clearances are sufficient to make the exposed metal parts touch-proof.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


Technical Specification
Range 0 to 10 H
Resolution 1 mH steps
Decade 1 mH 10 mH 100 mH 1 H
Accuracy at 1 kHz 3 % 3 % 3 % 3 %
Max Current per decade 30 mA 70 mA 100 mA 150 mA
Average resistance per step 0.1 Ω 0.5 Ω 3.4 Ω 20.5 Ω
Typical Q Factor at 1 kHz 75 175 280 250
Residual Resistance Less than 0.2 Ω
Residual Inductance Less than 1 μH
Voltage Rating Maximum 30 V AC rms (non-switching). Subject to max current rating.
Temperature Coefficient 0.1 %/°C

General Specification

Dimensions W 248 x H 62 x D 102 mm
Weight 0.8 kg
Optional Extras Calibration certificates: Traceable (factory) and accredited (ISO 17025)
Country of Origin UK
Shipping Details Packed Dimensions: L 31 x W 24 x H 25 cm / Packed Weight: 2 kg
HS Code 9030 3370



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