Chauvin Arnoux Gx 310

The GX 310 is a 10MHz DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) signal generator which provides much greater accuracy and frequency stability than a traditional generator.

The GX 310 can be used to generate precise, varied signals: waveforms, sine, triangle, square & LOGIC, TTL output. In addition, it is equipped with an external frequency meter covering a range from 5 Hz to 100 MHz.

This ergonomic instrument is equipped with a large LCD screen (125 x 45 mm) which is exceptionally easy to read because the main display comprises 5 digits 20 mm high. In addition, it can be used to display all the settings simultaneously (VDC,VRMS, VPP or waveform)

The backlighting is adjustable and the contrast can be boosted if necessary.


-P version: programmable via USB link with the SCPI protocol .


· DDS technology with frequency accuracy of ± 20 ppm

· Stable frequency adjustment to the nearest digit

· “LOGIC signal” function for direct adjustment of high and low levels

· LIN or LOG triangle or sawtooth sweep functions with duration adjustable from 10 ms to 100 s

· Protected 60 Vdc – 40 Vac inputs and outputs

· Automatic “closed casing” calibration via front panel

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