Power & Energy Logger Model PEL 105


AEMC’s Model PEL 105 is a simple to use, power and energy data logger that monitors both traditional and renewable energy sources. It monitors and records True RMS voltage and current, power, energy, cost and harmonics locally or from anywhere in the world. The PEL 105 is built into a waterproof case with an IP67 rating designed for outdoor use and is ideal for pole mounting and can be powered from a phase being monitored. This product is perfect for electricians, engineers and contractors doing work in the areas of building and system monitoring and upgrades, including compliance to article 220.87 of the NEC, as well as overall energy audits and incoming power monitoring. It is available with an Android™ App to configure, view and capture data wirelessly. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless communication provides the operator with the ability to work from a safe distance away from dangerous voltages and currents.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


Inputs  5 Voltage / 4 Current
Sample Rate 128 per Cycle 6.4kHz at 50Hz 7.68kHz at 60Hz
Specification Range Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy (Typical)
Vrms 1000V P to N 10 to 1000V 0.1V ±0.2% Rdg +0.2V
Vrms 1000V E to N 10 to 1000V 0.1V ±0.2% Rdg +0.2V
Urms 1000V P to P 17 to 1000V 0.1V ±0.2% Rdg + 0.4V
Amps @ 50 and 60Hz
Amps (1V nominal)
(excluding clamp accuracy
Probe dependent 0.2%< I < 120% Inom Probe dependent ±0.2% Rdg + 0.02% Inom
AmpFLEX & MiniFlex 
(including sensor accuracy)
Range 100A
Range 400A
Range 2kA
Range 10kA
200mA to 120A
5 to 440A
50 to 2400A
400A to 12kA
0.1A & 1A
±1.2% Rdg + 50mA
±1.2% Rdg + 0.2A
±1.2% Rdg + 1A
±1.2% Rdg + 5A
Frequency 42.5 to 69Hz 0.01Hz ±0.1Hz
Watts (VA, var) P-Q-S 20W to 20GW / 20var to 10Gvar / 20VA to 10GVA 4 digits min ±0.5% Rdg + 0.005% Pnom
Power Factor (Cos Φ/DPF) -1  to 1 0.001 ±0.05
kWh (kVAh, kvarh) P-Q-S Up to 4EWh / 4Evarh / 4 EVAh (E = 1018 ) ±0.5% Rdg
Harmonics DC, 1 to 50
Volts & Amp % 0.01 to 655.0% 0.01% ±1% Rdg from 1 to 25
THD   0.00 to 655.0% 0.01% ±1% Rdg
General Features
Case Design Rugged field case
Interface Isolated USB, Bluetooth, and Ethernet, Wi-Fi, SD card for direct transfer to PC. Dataview software for real time data, configuration and reporting included
Memory 8GB SD card (SDHC compliant, FAT32 formatted)  32GB max
Display LCD with backlight 4.2 x 3.3” (107 x 84mm)
Real-Time Clock Time and date stamp for Trend mode
Power Phase to phase or phase to neutral 100 to 1000VAC or external power pack 110V/230V 50/60Hz 15VA; Battery backup when power OFF, 60 minutes typical
Dimensions (L x W x H) 9.65  x 10.6 x 7.1” (245 x 270 x 180mm)
Weight 8.9 lbs (4kg)
Altitude Operating 2000m (6560ft)
Operating Temperature 32° to 108.5°F; (0° to +42.5°C) from 10 to 85% RH
Storage Temperature -4° to 122°F; (-20° to +50°C) from 0 to 75% RH with battery pack
Electro-Magnetic-Compatibility (EMC) EN 61326-1 for emission and immunity
IP Rating IP 67 per IEC 60529
Safety IEC/EN 61010-1 (1000V CAT IV Pol 4)



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