Gfuve TEST-330

Test-330 three phase microcomputer protection relay test system is the highly efficient relay test equipment of GFUVE company. It is produced by referring to Technical Condition for “DL/T624-2010” Microcomputer Relay & Protection Test Device issued by the original Power Department, extensively listening to the opinions of users, carefully reviewing the developing and producing experience of the former generations of products and adopting the modern latest digital technology, high precision electronic apparatus, microcomputer system and new circuit and new structure. This model relay test equipment can independently finish device test in professional fields of microcomputer protection, relay protection, excitation, metering, fault recording, etc. and is widely applied to scientific research, production and electrical test sites in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway, aviation and military industries.



  • Frequency output from 0 to 1050Hz;
  • 8 binary inputs, 4 binary outputs;
  • Intelligent self-protection function;
  • High-accuracy linear power amplifier;
  • Hardware self-calibration function for user;
  • Plentiful Binary and powerful software function;
  • Phase shift from 0° to 360.000°or -180.000° to 180.000°;
  • Eight channel synchronous D/A output in a single machine;
  • Max AC current output is 90A, Max AC voltage output is 260V;
  • Synchronous output of five channel voltage and three channel current;
  • Embedded host machine equipped with Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD);
  • Overload, short circuit and over-high temperature intelligent self-protection;
  • Host machine integrated single cabinet structure with big LCD screen and complete interface has obtained appearance patent;
  • Easily complete the ABB, Siemens, AREVA, Schneider, GE, SEL, VAMP, Toshiba, NR, Sifang and other manufacturers of protective device test;

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