Gfuve TEST-630

TEST-630 six phase microcomputer protection relay test kit is a smart relay test equipment which offers all the characteristics and functions needed for protective relay testing, in a manual or automatic mode, designed for using on site or in the laboratory. It uses the latest generation of high-speed DSP digital signal processor as the core, dual channel 16 bit DAC, full fidelity high-performance linear amplifier, high output precision, good waveform and stable performance.


It is convenient to test the standby automatic switching device and microcomputer differential protection device, and to conduct targeted verification programs for various relays. The powerful function test software can provide complete sets of microcomputer protection and automatic test programs for automatic devices with multiple verification and search methods: line protection, differential protection, impedance protection, low cycle, synchronization, standby automatic switching, etc. All kinds of fault simulation programs can simulate and replay all kinds of faults, transient processes, system oscillations and reclosing actions actually on site.
TEST-630 relay test kit is a the most advanced six-phase relay tester available for type and field testing of electromechanical and digital protections of any kinds of relay. It have six phase current output and six phase voltage output, with eight pairs of binary input and four pairs of binary output, wide frequency output from 0 to 1050Hz, high precision and high stability. It is a ideal test tool for substation commission, acceptance testing and maintenance testing in smart grid.


  • Frequency output from 0 to 1050Hz;
  • With PC control software optional;
  • Auto test and manual test optional;
  • COMTRADE recording file fault recurrence wave;
  • 0-30A/phase, max 180A; 0-130V/phase, max 300V;
  • Six-channel current output, Six-channel voltage output;
  • Phase shift from 0° to 360.000° or -180.000° to 180.000°;
  • Eight pairs of binary input, Four pairs of binary output;
  • High precision and good unique linearity of power amplifier;
  • The test report can be easily derived from the USB port to print;
  • Panel embedded user-friendly buttons, and external keyboard and mouse;
  • Integration in 8 inches TFT color LCD, light weight and easy to carry;
  • High-precision DAC to 12 channel, simultaneously voltage and current output;
  • The newly designed software interface is fully consistent with the host machine operation;
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, short circuit and over-high temperature intelligent self-protection;
  • It can easily complete the protective device test of ABB, Siemens, Schneider, AREVA and other manufacturers;
  • Built-in high-speed and high-performance industrial computer embedded operating system, running stable and reliable, also can test;
  • Extensive testing capabilities: state sequence, IT features analog oscillation,setting group of test, differential protection test, harmonic test, distance protection test, fault playback, special tests etc;

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