Kanomax Indoor Air Quality Monitor 2212

The Kanomax Indoor Air Quality Monitor – Model 2212 simplifies the labor involved and eliminates the need to purchase and learn multiple instruments. It simultaneously measures multiple parameters such as: CO, CO2, Temperature, and Relative Humidity. It is capable of calculating Dew Point, Web Bulb Temperature, Absolute Humidity, Humidity Ratio and % Outside Air. Calibration is easy and can be done by the user.

The monitor can also check CO2 levels and determine the rate of exchange, or the % of outside air, being introduced to a building per ASHRAE standard 62. It is capable of examining a building’s IAQ conditions to optimize worker productivity and features quick start-up and high accuracy in measuring CO2 and CO concentration levels in the environment.


Main Unit Specifications
Measurement Specifications
CO Range 0 to 500PPM
Accuracy +/-3% of reading or +/-3PPM whichever is greater
Resolution 0.1PPM: 0-99PPM 1PPM: 100-500 PPM
CO2 Range 0 to 5000PPM
Accuracy +/-3% of reading or+/-50PPM whichever is greater
Resolution 1PPM
Temperature Range – 4 to 140F (-20 to 60C)
Accuracy +/- 1F (+/-0.5C)
Resolution 0.1F (0.1C )
Relative Humidity Range 2 to 98%RH
Accuracy 2 to 80%RH: ±2%RH, 80 to 98%RH: ±3%RH
Resolution 0.1%RH
General Specifications
Function Normal Mode Normal measuring (do not store and calculate the data.) relative humidity, CO, CO2, dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity and humidity ratio
Calculation Mode Store the data, and calculate the maximum, minimum and average value.
% OA Mode Measure ventilation ratio (ask for ventilation ratio by calculating from temperature and CO2 value)
Data Output Mode Perform re-calculation of stored data and output of data to PC and Printer.
Calibration Mode Perform the calibration of CO and CO2.
Output Digital RS232C
Analog (optional) DC 0 to 1V
Power Supply Standard 6x AA Batteries
Analog (optional) DC 0 to 1V
Dimensions Unit 3.4″ x 7.4″ x 1.6″
Probe Length: 12.5 inch / Diameter: 1.0 inch
Weight 1.2lbs (500g)
What’s included Meter, Operation manual, AA batteries, Probe stand, Probe,
Calibration cap, Connection tube, Data processing software (DPS), RS-232C
cable, Carrying case, NIST TRACEABLE CALIBRATION certificate. Optional Serial – USB adapter and AC adapter available.


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