Lepgen-96 Real-Time PCR System

  • Economical
  • Practical
  • Stable and accurate heating and temperature control system
  • Excellent optical system
  • Powerful comprehensive performance

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Powerful hardware guarantees stable performance

  • Stable and accurate heating and temperature control system

1. With the semiconductor thermoelectric heating mode, the maximum temperature rising and decreasing rate of the sample can reach 5.0 ℃/s.

2. With a semiconductor material with excellent thermal conductivity, the temperature uniformity between the holes can reach ±5.0 ℃.

3. Accurate module temperature control mode ensures fast and accurate temperature control

  • Excellent optical system

1. With advanced LED light source with long life and high power, it has energy-saving, high efficiency, long life, maintenance-free, anti-vibration, difficult to damage, quick response and many other advantages.

2. With the side-lighting technology of the reaction tube to avoid the influence of sample factors and improve the efficiency and detection sensitivity of fluorescence acquisition.

3. With unique light path design ensures the consistency of fluorescence detection between holes. No need for ROX calibration, no edge benefit.

Excitation wavelength: ≥4 channels of a wide range of excitation wavelengths (300-800nm) of the channel, as many fluorescent signals as possible can be used.

Detection channel: ≥4 channels, it ensures that at least fourfold fluorescence can be detected simultaneously, covering the common probes and fluorescent dyes on the market. Two customizable channels are provided for users, which can realize the maximum detection of sixfold fluorescence.

  • Powerful comprehensive performance

Moderate flux: the open 96 well flux design can meet the daily requirements of the laboratory and can be applied to the 8-tube, 96 well plates provided by the vast majority of third parties in the market.

All-powerful: various analysis modes, such as absolute quantitative, relative quantitative, genotyping (dissolution curve method and endpoint method) high-resolution dissolution curve analysis, at the same time applicable to the mainstream detection mode in the market.

Dynamic range: a wide range of 1-1010 copies of DNA can be detected at the same time.

Repeatability: high repeatability, CV<3%

Linear regression coefficient: r≥0.99

Humanized software design ensures practicality and convenience

  • Powerful software-based system

1. The full Chinese interface is simple and pleasing, with guided design, easier to operate.

2. Innovative design of software projects, intuitive and user-friendly.

3. With department management, dye management, experimental setup pre-storage, makes information search, experiment management and operation more convenient.

  • Comprehensive analysis model

It covers the commonly used experimental types: qualitative/absolute quantitative, standard dissolution curve, relative quantification, endpoint method allelotype, etc.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


Model Lepgen-96

96x 0.2ml tubes (low profile and standard)

slides tube, 

1x 96-well microplate

Dynamic range 1~1010 Copies
Applied probe

1st channel: FAM/ SYBR-Green

2nd channel: HEX, JOE, VIC, TET

3rd channel: ROX Texas -Red

4th channel: CY5

Test method four-fold fluorescence detection
Thermal cycle temperature control semiconductor thermoelectric module
Temperature Range 4.0°C – 99.0°C
Heating and cooling Rate ≥1.5°C/sec
Thermal Accuracy ≤0.5°C (at 90°C)
Thermal Uniformity ≤0.5°C (at 90°C)
Hot cover temperature range 50°C – 108°C
Optical detection excitation wavelength 300-800nm
Detection wavelength 500-800nm
Fluorescence repeatability CV≤ 3%
Fluorescent linearity r≥0.99 coefficient of correlation
Software application genotyping by qualitative, absolute quantitative, standard solution curve, relative quantitative and endpoint method
Scanning method full plate, specified rank scanning
Data export format Excel, CVS
Custom report form support
The operating system Window 7/8/8.1/10
Minimum computer configuration Intel or AMD Dual-2.8GHz, more than 4G memory and 128GB
Power Supply AC 220V~, 50Hz, <800VA
Communication Ports RS232, USB
Size 490mmX355mmX284mm
Weight 20Kg


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