ROCGENE Real Time PCR System Archimed Mini 16

In order to meet the growing demand for on-site real-time inspection, the Archimed Mini 16 (hereinafter referred to as the Mini 16) adheres to the architectural design of the Archimed family with a strong sense of technology. Well sample throughput. With exquisite and portable packaging and special mobile power supply (optional), the system is not restricted by the site, and is very suitable for on-site real-time detection application scenarios including epidemic prevention and control, customs, commodity inspection, environmental protection, etc., as well as low-throughput with limited space. Research and teaching application scenarios.


Mini 16 adopts a unique liquid cycle refrigeration method (LCT) combined with high-efficiency Peltier temperature control technology to ensure uniform and precise temperature control performance while achieving ultra-fast temperature change control, with a maximum temperature change rate of 8°C/sec. At the same time, the unique liquid circulation refrigeration method gives the device an excellent mute effect, and the noise of the whole machine is lower than 50dB, which has a better user experience.

Innovative high-sensitivity optical detection module and time-resolved scanning method, using a new integrated optical signal scanning and detection system optimized based on core hardware such as unique Fresnel lens, high-efficiency MPPC, and maintenance-free long-life LED, bringing higher sensitivity and repeatability. At the same time, based on the unique scanning method and time-resolved signal separation technology, the optical signal collection efficiency of non-target samples is effectively reduced, and the cross-interference of optical paths is greatly reduced.

After practical application tests, under the same reagents and operating conditions, on the basis of ensuring accuracy and detection sensitivity, compared to traditional benchtop (96-well) quantitative PCR, Mini 16 can complete detection experiments faster, and the experiment time is shortened by at least 30%. %, and the detection speed can be further improved after condition optimization.

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