SCR Electroniks Ball Pressure Test Apparatus

SCR ELEKTRONIKS focuses on designing a solution around the end use at her customer. Instead of offering a standard instrument for a specific task, we have an approach of customizing the test bench to target the specific goals of the process or test procedure. Our measurement instruments, test modules, electrical power systems & software libraries are developed with this vision, thereby reducing the test system’s time-to-deploy.

The Ball Pressure Test Apparatus is used to check the integrity of dielectric material with respect to resistance to elevated operating temperature. The Ball Pressure Test Apparatus model BP 21 takes care of this testing useful for insulator manufacturers and other electro-technical manufacturers who use insulating material in their electrical appliances. The BP21 is made of stainless steel for long life.


All stainless steel construction.

Magnifier with built-in scale for measuring the depression created by the ball pressure test apparatus.

Supplied in a compact and neat carrying case.

Precision engineered and manufactured for ball pressure test covering all popular standards.

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