SCR Electroniks RCCB Fully Automated Routine Test Bench

SCR ELEKTRONIKS have developed Test Set up for carrying out Routine Tests namely, “Tripping Test” and “Performance of the Test Device Test” as per IEC 61009-1 (Annexure D).

The panel is designed to perform routine test for RCCB in production line, automatically once the product is loaded in Test Fixture.


The RCCB can be tested in production line for the 3 tests (Trip/No Trip test, and Push Button Test) automatically in Auto mode. In manual mode, , the user will select the pole and the test manually and with the use of appropriate push buttons ,the tests can be performed.

The panel can work inManual mode: Here all the settings for a Particular test is done manually. Various selector Switch is adjusted to appropriate positions.Auto mode: Here too all the settings for current are to be done manually using the selector switch and the Variac Knob. But all the tests are done automatically. There is no need to perform different tests one by one.

A switch is placed to indicate whether the RCCB’s fixture is placed in appropriate position.

Can test RCCB with ratings of 10, 30, 50, 100, 300, 500 mA.

Specially designed fixture to automatically On/Off the RCCB’s Dolly and the Push Button.

All the displays can be generated through the display meter.

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