SCR Electroniks Contractor Routine Test Bench

The SCR Elektroniks production test bench for factory testing of contactors is used to test a variety of electrical parameters and compliance verification for the contactors. This single bench conducts nearly all of the electrical tests that are relevant to the contactor prescribed by various versions of IEC 60947. The tests are conducted in a sequential manner on more than one station at a time thus testing multiple contactors simultaneously. The system consists of a voltage source of rated voltage of up to 525 V AC for subjecting the contactor under test to a variable voltage within the pick-up measurement range (and also the drop off measurement range), 24 V source for continuity measurement, a high voltage source for high voltage application, an accurate leakage current measurement module for detecting the leakage current threshold and a test jig to hold the contactor. The entire bench control is done by NI LabVIEW software built in a customized fashion to control the tests and to log data. Sophisticated software comes with a report generation feature which generates the test reports individually or for a batch of contactors (with pie chart facility, etc.). Additionally, an optional feature can be provided: bar-code / QR code scanner can be added and interfaced with the PC. The machine tests several contactors simultaneously giving a very high machine output with respect to the contactors tested. Plus specially designed test jigs eliminate operator safety problems and assist the PC to complete the test sequence in optimized time. The test bench can be customized with a user defined number of stations to meet the immediate production requirement. The tests covered are as follows: 1. Flashing & Continuity Test 2. Coil current & Wattage Measurement Test 3. Pick-up / Drop-off Test 4. High Voltage Test

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