SCR Electroniks Shock Test Apparatus

SCR Elektroniks make Shock test Apparatus is used to test the Electrical accessories / appliances for their mechanical strength. A wooden base fixed to a concrete block and a wooden platform is hinged base. This platform carries a wooden board, which can be fixed at various distance from the hinge and two vertical positions. The end of board bears a metal stop plate, which rests on coiled spring having constant 25N/mm.

The circuit breaker is secured to the vertical board in such a way that the distance of horizontal axis of the sample is 180 mm from the platform the vertical board being in, so fixed that the distance of the mounting surface is 200 mm from the hinge.

On the surface, opposite the mounting surface of the circuit breaker, a supplement mass is fixed so that the static force on the metal stop – plate is 25 N in order to ensure that the moment of inertia of the complete system is substantially constant.


Robust design for long lasting product life

Adjustable product (dropping height) height

DIN-Rail mounting arrangement

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