SCR Electroniks MCB Tripping Current Characteristic Test Bench

The SCR Elektroniks 12 station MCB Tripping Characteristics Test Bench is optimally designed to verify the Tripping Characteristic of MCBs as per clause 9.10.1 of IEC 60898 (Also mentioned in Indian Standards IS 8828). The bench essentially comprises of Servo Controlled mechanism to set and maintain desired current (against incoming mains fluctuation) and a Micro controller based master controller unit plus timer, which governs the entire sequence of operation making it a stand-alone system once the user connects the MCB and configures the test parameters.


Completely stand-alone unit after initial configuration of test parameters

MCB Range Selection : Through neatly labelled shorting links

Chart provided on the panel for using the right CT links and Voltage Taps for required test currents (1.13 In and 1.45 In

Instantaneous Bypass arrangement on each station in the event of MCB trip to maintain uninterrupted current

Arrangement to connect lugs of various sizes inside the heating chamber

Individual test time measurement for each station

Graded inductors to maintain required OCV at the source output (Min 30 V as per standard) especially while testing less number of MCBs

Change of test current (from 1.13 In to 1.45 In) after set time (usually 1 hour) is automatic.

The user may simultaneously test MCBs of different brands and compare the test results (Ideal Application for Test Labs and Certification Agencies).

PC Based Option Available (Extra) for control and data keeping on a PC (SCADA) with customized software

User friendly digital interface to input test parameters

2.55 test on reduced number of stations by user setting

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