SCR Electroniks Milivolt Drop Test

The SCR ELEKTRONIKS Millivolt Drop Tester is an industry acclaimed product. MVDT has a specially built constant current source (current generator) up to 400A (depending on model) and a dedicated PLC to store test parameters (in automatic models), perform test procedure, make the millivolt drop & junction resistance measurements and store test results, that can be retrieved later or downloaded to PC. PC based TestWare can display the test results & export those to Office, HTML, Printer or PDF. The manual models consist of the constant current source, digital ammeter and a digital millivolt meter with 3 ranges.


Microcontroller based unit

Automated Operation Available

Solid state DC current source from 1A to 400A depending on the range and model

Millivolt range from 0-2000 mV

Accurate adjustment of current with lesser time delay

Line and load regulation of about 0.2%

Compact in size

Light weight and portable unit

Heavy duty copper bus bars for minimal external voltage drop (error)

Programmable keypad on the front panel

LED Display to display test parameters and the test result

PC Interface possible with software (optional) to convert test results to tabulated formats such as EXCEL

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