SCR Electroniks MCB Magnetic (Instantaneous) Trip Test Bench

The test bench is specially built for low voltage- B, C & D curve MCBs. Specially designed custom built jigs are able to accommodate single, double, three and four pole MCBs. Decades of experience has helped us to design current source (transformer) in a special way such that good current regulation and high accuracy is ensured with a variable range without the use of any variable transformer in the system. The product is better than the competition with conventional technology at a lesser price!


Output current programmable from 0.5 A to 1250 A for magnetic trip testing of MCB (Automatic Selection via software)

Can test 4 MCBs of single pole OR 2 MCBs of double pole OR 1 MCB of 3 or 4 pole simultaneously for magnetic trip

PC provided: IBM PC / compatible make with NI LabVIEW based TestwareTM

Pressure Required for pneumatic handling: Approximately 6 Bar

Test Procedure (IEC 60898 9.10.2):1. Continuity Test – To check for correct electrical closing in the event of MCB being made ON externally by a pneumatic ON mechanism2. Hold Test (No Trip Test) – To check for holding mechanism for at least 0.1 s after passing current of 3 In for B curve, 5 In for C curve, 10 In for D curve MCB3. Trip Test – To check for tripping mechanism for less than 0.1 s after passing current of 5 In for B curve, 10 In for C curve, 20 In for D curve MCB

500 VA branded UPS

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