Trotec IR Thermohygrometer T260

Precision climate measuring device with outstanding measurement accuracy, integrated pyrometer and dew point alarm function. Measureable variables are the air temperature (°C, °F), relative humidity (% RH) and absolute air humidity (g/m³), specific air humidity (g/kg dry air), dew point temperature (dp °C, dp °F) and surface temperature (°C, °F). Pyrometer function for precise surface temperature measurement. Dew point alarm function.


Whether measuring air and dew point temperature or determining the relative, absolute and specific humidity – the T260 offers all advantages and measurement options of the T210, yet enhances its thermohygrometer function by an integrated laser pyrometer incl. dew point alarm signal generator – all in only one device.

Thus, you can not only flexibly apply the T260 for surface temperature measurements with marking of the measuring site, but thanks to the dew point alarm function it is also possible to quickly and easily locate potential drops below dew point on material surfaces and and positions where mould can form or insulation is poor.

During IR measurement the T260 simultaneously indicates the surface temperature of the measuring object and the dew point temperature within the measurement environment.

As soon as the surface temperature falls below the dew point temperature, the T260 notifies you by means of a visual signal and an additional acoustic alarm. The alarm thresholds can be configured individually.

Owing to the alarm function, wall areas can be examined in next to no time and weak points can quickly be detected, for using the T260 you can measure all required measured variables – room temperature, humidity, surface temperature, dew point – with only one measuring device!

With an active USB connection to the measuring device the MultiMeasure Studio software included in the scope of delivery also allows for online logging of measured values incl. analysis function.

As optionally available Professional version MultiMeasure Studio is not only perfectly suitable for fully compatible devices like the T260.

Owners of partially compatible or isolated measuring instruments can also benefit from this software, since it enables the analysis and administration of all measuring projects and customer data across multiple devices in a single application!

Using the unique report generating function you can create professional measurement reports in a trice:

Numerous boilerplate texts for building diagnostics, moisture measurement, leak detection and thermography are already included completely formulated (German version only).


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