HT Italia HT70

Pen phase detector with measurement of phase sequence

HT70 is a practical innovative pen device capable of carrying out, further to the phase detection function, a phase sequence and phase concordance test with LED indications and buzzer, also on the insulating sheath of the conductors.

The result of the test is indicated by the red LED (incorrect phase sequence) or the green LED (correct phase sequence) turning on, by simply moving the sensor first on the L1 and then on the L2 phase.


Measuring range 100÷1000VAC 50÷60Hz
Detection of AC voltage without contact, also on insulating sheaths
Phase sequence without contact also on insulating sheaths with red and green LED indications
Phase concordance with red and green LED indications
Auto power off
Mechanical protection
Protection against overcharge
Power supply
Size (LxWxH) (mm)
Weight in grams (batteries included)

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