HT italia SPEED418

Multifunction device for overall earth resistance measurement and rcd tests
SPEED418 has been specifically developed to measure Overall earth resistance with no RCD tripping directly at the outlets to be measured and for operating tests of RCDs type A, AC General and Selective with tests both in manual and automatic mode in private electric installations.
Extremely simple to use, with setting of parameters via scrollthrough menu. It has no mechanical commuters and it is therefore more solid in structure. The device is provided with an internal memory for saving measurements and with an optical/USB interface for transferring measured data onto the PC. At the end of the test, the device shows all results with the indication of compliance or non-compliance with the standards with simple symbols OK or NOT OK.


Measuring range of verifiable rated currents 10,30,100,300,500,650,1000mA
Tripping time of type A, AC General and Selective RCDs
Ramp test for tipping current of RCDs type A, AC General and Selective Only general RCDs up to 650mA
Non-trip earth resistance
Loop/Line impedance, Phase-Phase, Phase-Neutral, Phase-PE
Loop/Line impedance Phase-Phase, Phase-Neutral, Phase-PE with high resolution (0.1mΩ)
Contact voltage
Optical/USB serial port for PC connection
RS232/optical/USB interface for transferring data onto the PC Optical/USB
Measurement category CAT III

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