SCR Electroniks Hot Wire Ignition Tester

It is used to conduct the flammability test of the material as discussed in IS/IEC 60947-1:2004 Annexure M.

The HWI test indicates a materials resistance to ignition when exposed to abnormally high temperatures resulting from a component failure such as a conductor carrying far more than its rated current.

HWI performance is expressed as the mean number of seconds required to ignite a specimen when wrapped with an energized non-chrome resistive wire that dissipates a specified level of energy.


Designed to comply with the requirements of UL 746A & IS/IEC 60695-11-10.

Dedicated PLC system for control of sequence and user friendly.

Keyboard with soft keys for entering the testing parameter

This test ensures that your product meet high standards of quality &safety.

This product is meant for all switchgears/insulator/polymer/electro plastic manufacturers and manufacturers who use insulators in their products e.g. wiring accessories, appliances, etc.

The tester is used to test flame susceptibility when a current is passed through a hot wire wrapped around the specimen

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