SCR Electroniks MCB Thermal + Magnetic Characteristic Test Bench

The test system is a special version of the thermal + Magnetic test test system. The single power source able to deliver either thermal or magnetic test parameters set on the PC by the user.


Input 415 V, 30 A (max), 3 phase, 50 Hz

Covers the entire range of MCB from 0.5 A to 125 A : B, C, D curve.

Thermal Test : User can set up to 4 times the rated current of MCB which includes 1.13 times rated current, 1.45 times rated current and 2.55 times rated current.

Magnetic Test : 0.5 – 125 A MCB : B, C ,D curve Short time duty (about 100 mS) is 3000 A, which covers the max 2500 A (125 A MCB : 20 times rated current for D curve MCB). The Test is done at low voltage.

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