SCR Three Phase (3 Stations) Temperature Rise & Power Loss Test Bench for RCCB

The SCR Elektroniks RCCB Temperature Rise and Power Loss Test Bench is economically designed to verify temperature rise and measure power loss as per clause 9.8.1 of IEC 61008.


0.5A to 63Amp at 30V open ckt. Voltage.

CT range 25A, 50A, 100A – 3 Nos.

The CT range and resistance for RCCB rating to be selected through shorting links: 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 45A, 50A, 63A at 30V with bypass arrangement for each phase.

Panel will be capable for testing three samples of same rating may SP/DP/TP/FP.

True RMS sensing current controller shall maintain current better than class 1.0 accuracy through out the range.

Digital Temperature Indicator min 28 Channels with minimum 28 No. Thermocouple bid, Teflon insulated will be provided with sufficient length to connect it to product. Channel selection by rotary switch.

Cooling will be provided by means of Exhaust fans distributed all over to remove the hot air generated inside the panel cabinet.

Overall accuracy of the panel is better than class 1.0

The entire system will be housed in sturdy M.S. Cabinet (trolley).

The equipment will have very good finish preferably powder coated Siemens Grey color finish..

Calibration certificate will be provided for individual meter and also for complete system.

Following meter indications will be provided:a) Digital Temperature Indicator with 28 input for thermocouple.b) Digital Volt Meter with 5 ranges (200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 250V) – 1 No To measure open circuit voltage & mV drop across rccb .c) Digital Ammeter with CT (Indication on servo controller) – 3 Nos.

Adjustable Constant Current Source 3 Nos.

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