Powerside PQube 3e

  • 4-quadrant monitoring up to 4 three-phase loads or 14 single-phase loads
  • Detects and records high-frequency impulses at 4MHz
  • Real time measuring and recording of 2kHz-150kHz emissions
  • Revenue Grade Class 0.2 accuracy
  • Certified for Class A Ed3 power quality
  • Auto-detects the mains frequency, wiring configuration, and nominal voltage
  • Connect direct to voltages up to 690V
  • Exhaustive array of inputs from electrical to environmental
  • High-speed 512-samples-per-cycle recording on all channels
  • Built-in web and email server – receive email alerts of events and remotely access data


Pqube 3e Power Analyzer Overview

PQube 3e Monitors up to Four 3-Phase Circuits

The PQube 3e Class A certified, high-speed revenue-grade power analyzer identifies, measures, and records in real-time all power quality disturbances. It can also replace four traditional revenue-grade meters as well as deliver environmental sensing and external process measurements

The PQube 3e boasts an impressive number of standard features including 14 energy metering channels, 4-quadrant metering, alarms, and push reporting. The PQube 3e Power Analyzers are built sturdy and compact, the size of a Rubik’s cube. Install them anywhere you need power analyzed in production equipment, data centers, or harsh environments.

PQube 3 Power Analyzers Overview

The PQube 3 series of high-speed, revenue-grade power analyzers measure, identify, and record all power quality disturbance, and environmental process parameter data in real-time. It connects directly to voltages up to 690 V and auto-configures by auto-detecting the mains frequency, wiring configuration and nominal voltage.

The PQube 3 series boasts an impressive number of standard features including intuitive touch-screen display, up to 14 energy metering channels, 4-quadrant metering, alarms, and automatic reporting. The PQube 3 is made sturdy and compact, easily fitting into production equipment, data centers, rackmounts, or harsh environments.

  • Receive graphical information about trends and events on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • See what is happening in real-time. Get a wide range of measurements from home or office.
  • Receive notification of problems or impending problems the moment they happen.
  • Identify or rule out power as the root cause of a failure, pays for itself on the first avoided service call.
  • Triggered Oscilloscope
    • Includes 40 digital oscilloscopes
    • Triggers on sags, swells, DC voltage, temp, pressure, humidity and more
    • Offers 250 nanosecond transient capture
    • Sends out notifications real-time by email, SMS or SNMP traps
  • Chart Recorder
    • Records daily, weekly and monthly trends
    • Captures minimum, average, and max values by the minute, it never misses a cycle
    • Helps identify deviations from normal activity, provides predictive failure analysis
  • Real-time Intelligent Sensor
    • Reports over 3000 parameters – every second
    • Enables rapid and effective diagnostics
    • Ensure process compliance

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