TEKON600 is a tester that measures the turns ratio of windings in single-phase and three-phase distribution with the application of 7”wide touchscreen aimed to maximize user convenience. In particular,it can be used anywhere as it is powered by chargeable battery. Selectsble test voltage include 5Vac,10Vac,40Vac,enabling you to measure a variety of transformers.

It uses the IEEE C57.12.90 measurement method and accurately messures the voltage at the transformer’s winding at no load. The TEKON600 can be used to test power regulator,power transformer,CT (Current Transformer) and PT (Potential Transformers.)

This model is divided into two:TEKON600-1P (single-phase) and TEKON600-3P (three-phase). You are able to print out measurement data via printer,save them to the metter’s internal memory,or download to your PC.


LCD display 1024×600 pixels, 7.0-in color TFT screen (touch panel)
Power(battery) 7.2V/5.2A Li-ion, 12V/2.5A Adaptor
Communication USB, Bluetooth
Print External printer
Data Storage MicroSD(8GB)
0°C±45°C, RH 85% max
Storage temp/humidity -20°C±60°C, RH 85% max
Dimension 270(L)×246(W)×124(H) mm
Weight 3.0kg
Type Single-phase
Range for turns ratio
5Vac 1~1,999(0.1%)
40Vac 1~1,999(0.1%)
Excitation voltage 1V, 5V, 10V, 40V
Excitation current 0~2A
Phase angle
Range: 0~360degree
Accuracy: ±0.2degree+2dgts
Polarity Displayed on screen
Cable for measurement, 12V/2.5A power adaptor, 7.2V/5.2Ah Li-ion battery,
USB cable, Micro SD card (8GB), portable bag, PC S/W, user’s manual

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