SCR Electroniks PC Based Test Setup for LED Luminaires

The tests are Performed as Prescribed in IS the Panel Carries out high voltage, open circuit and performance tests, one by one and provides indication of the Test results as PASS or FAIL lamp for high voltage test. It is very useful and handy in line testing on Mass production line as well as type Testing. Special fixture can be provided for the specific product. This avoids the connections & disconnections of the product for different tests. The total time for entire testing is less than 80 seconds. Micro controller based sequential timer maintains the sequence of operation and displays the test status. The entire system is housed in sturdy M.S cabinet with powder coating.


High Voltage is set to 1.5 KV AC.

HV Leakage tripping current is set for High Voltage Test.

Digital meters: 3-1/2 digits for HV tests to indicate high voltage & leakage current.

High voltage test 1 is performed between the input and the output, while the high voltage test 2 can be performed between the shorted input/output and the body.

PC or Manual Tests mode selection.

In PC mode the tests can be performed automatically.

Lamps to indicate test results namely: PASS & FAIL

TEST OVER indication with Alarm at the end of the tests and if Fault is detected.

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