SCR Electroniks Sensitivity Test Bench For RCCB

SCR ELEKTRONIKS has developed SENSITIVITY TEST BENCH FOR RCCB. This panel is used to perform Verification of the operating characteristic test as per IEC 61008-1clause no.,,,, Verification of trip free mechanism test as per IEC 61008-1 clause no.9.15 and Verification of the operation of test device at the limits of rated voltage test as per IEC 61008-1 clause no.9.16. The test bench is designed with state –of-art Technology and to test entire range of RCCB/RCBO as per IEC 61008-1, IEC 61009-1.


Input: Default is 230 V AC +\- 10 %; specify while ordering.

Leakage Current Ranges: 10mA, 30mA, 50mA, 100mA ,300mA & 500mA.

Current Adjustment:a) Between 10mA to 2500mA at 230V AC, Coarse with Switching and Fine with Toropot.b) Servo Controlled 0 to 500Amps at 20V. (10Amp to 125Amp Continuous).

Current Measurement:a) Digital mAmps Meter, 3 ½ Digit, 2 ranges.b) Transient Signal Recording Meter

Time Measurement: 5 Digita) 0 to 99.999 Sec.

Protection: Through MCB

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