SCR Electroniks High Voltage Test Setup for Switches & Sockets

The High voltage tester for routine testing of Switches & Sockets with a specially designed robust fixture to hold ither 20 Nos. switches one way or two way 20 Nos. and 10 Nos. Sockets at a time. The solution comes as a single trolley with easy-to-set test parameters with safety interlocks designed for user safety with respect to electric shock and mechanical fixturing. An advantage of the system is – it gives a high yield (20 Switches OR Sockets are tested in about one minute) thus yielding user safety at a high value for money


High Voltage Tester for testing of Switches and Sockets. One can test either 20 Nos. switches one way or two way 20 Nos. and 10 Nos. Sockets. The seperate fixture arrangement will be made with pneumatic arrangement to connect the switches and sockets, all in parallel and voltage is applied. In case there is no failure pass signal will be displayed. If there is failure in any one of the switch/socket the fail signal will be displayed. Then one can test individual switch to find out the failed switch/socket.

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