SCR Electroniks PC Based Comprehensive Test Setup for Luminaires

Our zest for innovation has resulted in continuous upgrades in the existing line of products. Till now we used to manufacture 3 different equipments for Driver, MCPCB and Luminaires Component testing. We at SCR Elektroniks have developed our comprehensive tester to incorporate all the 3 systems in a single bench. Here in this tester one can test all the three DUT in a single bench. Since all the 3 testing procedures have many tests in common, we have incorporated all the tests in a single bench such that testing of Luminaire driver, Luminaire PCB and Final Luminaire set is performed in single test bench. Only these tests are performed over the DUT else other are disabled for them.


PC connectivity accessible to the panel through DAQ.

Facility to perform driver, LED PCB and LED Luminaire fixture test in a single test bench.

Professionally built software is integrated in the PC such that the panel can be controlled by it.

All the reports are captured and stored in the PC itself.

Separate terminals to connect the LED PCB, LED Driver and Final Luminaire

Panel can be operated in Manual as well as in PC mode.

Digital meter indicates test parameter with the pass/fail result of the test.

Yokogawa meter to show very accurate measurements for the AC & DC test parameters.

New test features like THD measurement, Thermistor resistance measurement, Open Circuit voltage have been added to the testing equipment.

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